“An entertaining genre film with a confident Singaporean flavour”
Yahoo!: ★★★★

“A hilariously entertaining horror comedy”
Moviexclusive: ★★★½

“A delightfully smart and cheeky horror-comedy… A fun undead romp that’s elevated by it’s well-drawn characters and witty colloquialisms.”
– Popwire

“Zombiepura brings some undead fun to local films”
– The Straits Times

“Whimsical sense of humour”
Zaobao: ★★★ entertainment value

Shaun of the Dead… with a heavy dose of Singaporean humour… Genuinely entertaining with a script chock-full of our unique local zingers.”
Geek Crusade: ★★★½

“One of the most refreshing new film concepts to have come out in Singapore”
The Popping Post