Director – JACEN TAN

Named ”Singapore’s latest film funnyman” by The Straits Times, Jacen Tan is one of Singapore’s most exciting young filmmakers. In the pre-YouTube days of 2005, Jacen’s first short film, Tak Giu (Kick Ball), became a viral hit on the Internet, crashing servers due to overwhelming traffic.

In 2015, Jacen was awarded the POSB Storytellers Grant for his documentary, Homeground.

Jacen combines his love for horror comedy and his experiences from serving in the army to make his first feature film, Zombiepura. The film took 7 years to develop and finance, and premiered at Scream Asia Film Festival in Oct 2018.

Cast & crew at the wrap of Zombiepura

Lead Actor & Producer – ALARIC

At the age of 17, Alaric first set foot into the exciting world of the silver screen as an Actor, when he was offered a supporting role in director Glen Goei’s feature film, Forever Fever. Alaric has since appeared in numerous projects including award-winning comedy series and movies. He is no stranger to the action genre having starred in HBO Asia’s detective series Serangoon Road.

His extensive onscreen experience has led him to produce more cinematic content. Alaric is also co-producer and director of HBO Asia’s original series, SeNT.

Lead Actor & Producer – BENJAMIN HENG

Benjamin Heng has more than a decade’s experience in the film and TV industry. Winning critical acclaim as the lead in Kelvin Tong’s award-winning debut feature film, Eating Air, this charismatic leading man has since anchored highly-rated TV shows such as Frontline, Money No Problem, Healed And Be Healed, Anything Goes and Durian King.

mm2 Entertainment is a Singapore-based film production and distribution company. It has produced notable movies such as Ah Boys to Men The Lion Men and Long Long Time Ago series.

Clover Films was established in 2009 and specialises in the distribution and production of Asian movies, with an emphasis on the Singapore and Malaysia markets. It acquires and distributes quality movies from all over the world for the markets of Singapore and Malaysia, and with the belief in its immense potential and talent, Clover Films also produces movies in collaboration with regional directors and producers.

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